November 30, 2012


Today is friday indeed, start of a long weekend.Buying and in a hurry to go grab something at malls,but then it's traffic that would really kill you while driving a car.  From a busy week to a relaxing friday is that ??? It's my first time to take acknowledge on this special, so very "PINK" store named ETUDE HOUSE. It's a touch of asian mostly KOREAN products.


So, I went in to their store and I was so amazed with the store's presentation. It's really a big wow for me. Ladies would really love dropping by their store...One of the first purchased I have on this store was their....

wow, just talking calories on my previews post and then now i've crossed into this,very lovely!!! Packaging and the container itself are very attracting. It will make your skin smooth and scented all the way after using it. And it is a sort of whitener and avoids skin irritations too, it has a  active ingredients like glycol, glycerin and benzote. That would really make your skin smooth and healthier.

So, the next time you do drop by this store try and discover their product. Anyway, it's not pricey and yet affordable for anyone.

They've got other scent too with their collection, it all depends on you. Hopefully, you'll love this product the same way that i like it.

Bought on: Etude SM the block/ Price: P 298.00/ 
Where: SM outlets nationwide

For more details about their products visit: ETUDE HOUSE PHILIPPINES

ENJOY!!! ^_^

November 29, 2012


      Being pretty is not just all about makeup and pretty clothes. It's also feeling good outside and inside.
A lot of people do think that sugar craving is a sin specially for those who are in a diet. But hey!! I'm not here to debate about it. And it is just my personal side of telling you my dear readers that once in awhile eating and craving this kind of foods will make your spirit high skies the limit and happy.

Enough of this long introduction. Last two days ago, I was invited to my friends event somewhere in The fort. And unfortunately I forgot to bring with me my lovely camera. But don't be sad nothing is impossible and will get through it. It's been my second time to encounter this little cute cupcakes from....

yes!!! it is from JOY SAN GABRIEL CAKES...and they really taste so heavenly. You'll be speechless when you my dear readers got to have even a slice of the cakes or their special cupcakes. Comes from their philosophy, SIMPLICITY, ELEGANCE and of course the TASTE. I'm sure you really can't resist the fact that the taste and consistency are so YUMMY!!!

Just take a look of some of those masterpieces what JOY SAN GABRIEL could offer:


It's not for display, it's edible and colors are just added art and attraction but come to taste their cupcakes. You'll be really amazed how your tastebuds would surely looking for it as soon as you finish one cupcake or slice of it.

And just to clear things out, I'm not a devil advocate but just let me tell you something....
" You only live once, enjoy anything while you can still enjoy them".
Having a sweet tooth as for myself, it's not that i'm not a health conscious. I'm indeed one of the health conscious people. But for me calories are nothing, with moderation and some good exercise would help your mind healthy and start loving those sweet treats. 

So, are you a sweets lover too??? If ever, feel free to share your experience with me and i'll be more happy and welcoming all your feedbacks. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!

Details regarding the lovely cakes and cupcakes please go to their Facebook page:


November 26, 2012


L' occitane en provence was originally based on Manosque, France. Retailer of skin, body and home products as claimed. Founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, to make the company's tradition to continue for preserving his native Provence.

I was introduced to this product by my beloved mom during our visit to U.S way back 2008. The first product i've got with this product is their hand cream. And from that I enjoy using and buying their products. They're brand is mostly organic and natural. The scent is also the same, it has unusual and unique blend of smell.

I've purchased currently their SHEA BUTTER BODY CREAM. And I must admit as always their product open again a real unique smell that I can't find to any other brands.

I've used this for almost two weeks now. And the result pretty satisfied me. I'm using it mostly on my elbows and knees, it softens my dry skin though we know the weather here in the Philippines are getting cold right now.

 As I've research on how to use this product effectively I understand how it takes into effect.
  • First, you have to get a little cream and put it into your hand. 
  • Second,you have to make the cream warm in your hands by making a hand motion up and down. And it because its made up of honey that should be take into consideration to make the honey melts and more absorbable by the skin.
  • Last but not the least, put it now to your designated part of the skin that you want to moisturize more.
F.Y.I this product really helps the mild to moderate dry skin to rejuvenate. And for me I personally recommend this to those who have a lot of time to prepare for the skin knowing it would really help you soothes your skin. Scale for 10 its indeed 8.

Bought on: Rustan's Makati/ Price: P 375.00/ Where: Rustan's Makati, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, SM Mall of Asia

Check out their facebook for more of their products informations:


November 24, 2012


Snoe is a beauty brand that originate in the most beloved country of Philippines. A proudly Pinoy made products founded in the year 2010. The product mainly focuses on skin care product that would suit every skin. Jen and Gen are the founders of SNOE BEAUTY, and eventhough they are new in the beauty industry, they've already hit big malls of METRO MANILA and currently has 22 branches all in all and still continue growing.

A little history about SNOE. Hence, the SNOE comes from name NOE. Jen, the owner and CEO of Snoe Beauty was the only child. People who saw NOE for the first time will always say SHE'S AS FAIR AS SNOW, so that's were the SNOE came from.

I was very fortunate and lucky enough to be invited on their 3rd blogger's event that was held on the owner's home, and just like the first time I've encountered this product along their store in SM Valenzuela. I'm so very thankful to be a part of this event.

Take a look on it...this were some of the new swatches from SNOE line, pretty exciting eh???

With Jen introduces us, about new swatches to try for and she also very warmth of welcoming feedbacks from all of us on the said event. I must admit those different colors of their new line interest me a lot. I've tried several colors too.

one of the funniest and bubbliest staff of SNOE she's no other than CYRA!!! She's really a dedicated and informative staff that would really blow your mind to almost want to have everything on the shelves...haha!!!

I must admit the presentation of the SNOE product really is inviting. It was like you want to own a candy box and by just looking at it, the packaging and the labels of the products are pretty cool.

Jen giving us a brief but informative about the brand sustainability and their products information. From what they've started from the past, and what comes with the present and what to look out for in the future. SNOE was really into innovations for the mass market. It was a short but intimate and fun introduction, but more still to come. On the lather part of the event, it was spend getting to know each and everyone in the event,  chatting, taking pictures was the real big part of the event.

I've encountered some of beauty bloggers I've look up to and of course bloggers like me who were new in the beauty blog industry. And I could say they are all very nice.

Here with Bea, Liz of PROJECT VANITY and Me

 With Charlene of YELLOW YUM

With Shen of SHEN'S BEAUTY

With Martha of The Beauty Junkee

And with the lady behind the success of SNOE is Jen from the left and in the right side is Nina the lady who is behind the Peace,Love,Happiness and Cosmetics. 

And some of my fellow beauty bloggers from left Mitch, Rhea and Bea. Nice meeting you my dear new fellow beauty bloggers. Hope to see you all again very soon.

And of course, not to end this post without a picture with one of the nicest staff of SNOE Cyra. The very smart and informative that anyone that is with me could attest to that. Thank you so much Cyra for accommodating us on the event, I'm surely looking forward to see you again.

This is what I went home with some new and old products from SNOE. 

And a token from SNOE.


Can't wait to try and review them for you all. So excited.^_^

But for now, let's enjoy what SNOE could bring us in the moment and let's wait and be excited about what the SNOE could offer for the future ahead.

Curious about their current and upcoming products???Check out their Facebook on

ENJOY!!!! ^_^


CHA CHA TINT as described by many is one of a successful cheek and lip tint for ladies who hunts for new innovative product from BENEFIT COSMETICS. Tropical summery glow that enhances your inner beauty. And the main core of this product is described as mango - peach tint. That would really make your face like a natural summer look on a rainy season just like our country.

I find their product a bit expensive, but hey don't get me wrong it's all worth buying. Knowing you'll gonna have a natural looking glow. And besides it's just not your ordinary cheek and lip tint. It's also has this inside....take a look.

Voila!!!! yes, a little tips from the package on how to apply it correctly. Their very concerned also to some who has no idea at all and may I say as a beginner in beauty blogging doesn't really know a hundred percent how to make it perfectly applied on the face.

The bottle together with the brush looks very similar to a nail polish ones but the consistency of the tint itself is merely thinner than we think, and be extra careful putting on with this product because it would really make a stain on the surface of your skin if not properly used.

The tint as I've said earlier will really stain if not properly applied, it could be removed by make up removers and water with soap. And f.y.i it's also waterproof by nature. It doesn't requires re-applying, because it does stay for a long time during the day of course.

So, a few drops of this product would really give you definition that is really a feel of natural look. Again, a bit pricey but it's recommended for those who doesn't have time to do a routine makeup retouching.

Bought on: Free/ Price: 1,600/Where: Benefit Cosmetics @ Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangrila


Enjoy!!!! ^_^

November 14, 2012


Last month, I've seen these contest from a blog that really caught my attention as well. That time I wasn't really doing anything at all, might as well speak for a very LAZY day for me. To tell you my dear readers from the past years I've join some raffles or contest as we can say, unfortunately I have no luck to win anything from those. I thought 2012 is just the same, but hell no not this time and this moment.hehe!!! Kidding aside. Last OCTOBER,that month really hits me with so much luck to thank for this time, one of those was this contest the YVES ROCHER: HYDRA VEGETAL 7 DAYS kit. yey!!! 

But before I start I want to acknowledge and give thanks to Ms. MARTHA STA.BARBARA of THE BEAUTY JUNKEE it's because of her I saw this contest and win it. She's indeed a real inspiration to make each and everyone the power of being a woman and being beautiful always.

And now for the moment to take a sneak preview on what I've won....

tsa-daaaaaa!!!!!!! ^_^

yes!!! it's indeed a dream come true for me, when i'm crossing their stores even before.YVES ROCHER was known to their France made cosmetics and everything that concerns and enhances the skin. I'm kind of interested to see what they would make me to be impress with, to tell you my dear readers I've never heard so much raves with this brand . But now I have the chance to try it with myself and thanks to their 7 days trial kit, we'll see for the next few weeks on what will the product will do for me and i'm so excited for the results.

Let's see what's inside the kit, shall we???

When it comes to the packaging, I should say it's terrific!!! They have the products well organized as well as a detailed instructions for you to achieve the correct usage so that it wouldn't be all go to waste.

First in the package is their HYDRATING CLEANSING MILK, it's the first thing to be applied on the face.

Second on the line is their HYDRATING TONER, it's the next thing to be applied after the cleansing milk.

Last but not the least was their 24 hrs. INTENSE HYDRATING GEL CREAM. It's a day and night cream so that the face is well moisturize and doesn't dry at all. 

So, there you go. Thanks to YVES ROCHER for the wonderful gift. 

For more information about YVES ROCHER'S PRODUCTS kindly check their website:

Facebook account: 


November 11, 2012


A review on the e.o.s that stands for Evolution Of Smooth. I find this product really interesting that when I came to discover it, nothing I could speak of but a big WOW!!! I thought this product is limited and on sale to United States only. But with much help for co-bloggers thank God I find it somewhere from the mall, because I really want to grab one, and for almost magazines internationally speaking I came to cross on this product used by not just commoners but also hollywood stars either men or women. And thats what keeps me excited about this product. Just by looking on it, not to mention its uniqueness among hundreds of lip balms across the stores nowadays.

Photo taken:

E.O.S lipbalm is 95% claimed to be organic and 100% natural. With antioxidant that is rich with vitamin E. Paraben and Petrolatum free with shea butter and jojoba oil. It sounds like a real total package with a good benefit to keep the lovely lips soft and smooth. It has a lot of fruit extracts. And it's not tested to animals and it's gluten free. Take note it's also certified organic by oregon tilth. So, as I speak for this product again it is indeed a total package.

photo taken:

I've bought the summer fruit scent, the scent is quite interesting. It soothes and it energizes you all the way. I bought mine for P 250.00 estimated like $ 5.00 not to bad if it would make your lips happy. I find the container cute, and it feels like your holding an artificial egg from the easter. Kidding aside, but surely this incredible product will surely give your lips a dose of serious moisture. And I'm using this lip balm for a month now. And the result is good, I must admit I could score this as 10 out of 10. After I used this my lips became soft and supple, that my lips wherever I am is reaching out for it and for almost everyday it doesn't leave my purse to aid my lips whenever I need it the most. My dearest readers this product is not sticky or even heavy when you apply it, even the scent would probably disappear for like 10 seconds. About the container I must say it's really cute as I've said earlier but be aware that it could also catch with stains if you do not take care of it as designed. And this product is not intended for ladies but gentleman too without the worry and hassle  that it could be glossy and somebody would noticed it.

Verdict: For me I probably bought again another one when I'm finish with the current one, my lips love it and so do I. And thats it for now.

Enjoy!!! ^_^

November 10, 2012


Wow ladies, it's already november in the town. Christmas lights are everywhere and yours truly was really busy this past whole weeks. Invitations from brands are not easy for a starter like me in the blog world. Anyway, enough of the introduction and thanks purple clandestine is here again for all the ladies who seek to beautify their life with the help of some cosmetics that we really rely on. So, let's start.

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky people who came to this so called " SULTRY SMOKEY MAKEUP WORKSHOP"from BENEFIT COSMETICS  PHILIPPINES with the make up diva: MICA FUENTES ( Chief makeup artist for BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES )

A short history of BENEFIT COSMETICS for some who are new to this product, founded in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford. Founded initially as beauty boutique but later specialized on quick fix beauty problems. Globally the brand now is selling on 2,000 counters more than 32 countries. And little by little introducing it to the local market for asian to uphold beauty. They are known of to their so called "pretty and cute designs" from their products that would really make it incredibly a GO FOR product.

Now, going back to our main topic. I've went to the workshop place ahead of time, Yes, I know what you all thinking i'm an early bird indeed. Kidding aside, all the ladies on the venue were really all serious looking, searching, and really observed how the products of this brand was use and how the makeup goes with the skin type the asian has.

Photographed by: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

Mica teaching the sultry smokey effect and the HOW to apply the BRIGHTENING MAKEUP that would fit in again to the skin type of each and every ladies.She also includes some quick briefing on how to groom and shape the brows. And also adds that to enable to have a nice set of good and quality makeup you should start it of by prepping,then prime and perfect! Take note ladies, Just like me, a starter of basic knowledge for makeup wasn't really easy, but even though its not easy it is indeed a lot of fun to do. Experimenting, know that, know this. It's all part of the drama, no sacrifices means no gain...gain for a real knowledge of makeup and of course there's always room for improvements.

Photographed by: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

I would say that the workshop was really a success. Why??? people on every age, sex or no matter where you from are all in one direction of improving their inner self. Of course that was also the mission of this workshop though. :P 

Photographed by: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

All go home with a big smile on their lips with a gift bags from Benefit Cosmetics. 

Photographed by: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

And to end this post is yours truly with the makeup diva. Just want to take this opportunity to thank all the staffs from BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINE for the wonderful privileged, they're really make us feel welcome to the event and accomodate us out non-stop on their boutique. Til' next time and thanks for the wonderful experience with you guys I really have so much fun and learnings from the time I was on the workshop until I got home.
I am more excited now to share with you my dearest readers about their products. Stay tuned and explore it on BENEFIT's way.

This is what I went home, hopefully in the coming days ahead I review each product for you all.

Visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES for more information regarding their products.

ENJOY!!! ^_^