March 9, 2013

4th Philippine Pyromusical Competition

It's been a while since the last blog i've made. But to tell you though it was quite long ago, if by nature you really love writing then you can say that its all quite a wait and if it's your calling or somewhat your stigma,you'll always comeback to it naturally. Through my understanding writing is limitless and it's sky the limit. Grammars, topics all of it is not what all the blogging is all about. It's what the heart says whenever you put those into writing,something you enjoy rather than a career for some or maybe a hobby as well. But here again with new insights to share for my lovely bloggers. 

In my first part of this adventure, I want to share something unique and take a break for cosmetics review. I want to share the lastnight i've went too and it's all about fireworks or the so called "PYROLYMPICS" it's  every year event here in the Philippines wherein some country's like Italy...Netherlands and even Philippines show their own creativity of showing the crowd and amazed them with lots of different fireworks. I will show you some of them taken by yours truly.

Though i'm not a professional photographer by nature. I'm still proud with some of it sort of glare but still worth to look at it.hehe! Kidding aside, well what can you  say is a big wow or really amaze by it???

I would say though it's just 30 minutes for the first country to perform that night and even the second one. It's quite the wait they are really breath taking and awesome. The moment i see the lights on the air, it's like a welcome remarks on me that will always remind me just like in blogging that it will never always end and will always be within the heart of a true blooded writer. It's not the grammar that counts but the thoughts you want to give to the readers. And by this I also would like to thank some local bloggers who are stand strong into this world ogf blogging that they will continue to be an inspiration and a mentor to everyone who blogs and will always be a blogger.

I wouldn't end this blog without putting their blogs to honor:

liz from

shen from

marj from

martha from

Thank you for being my inspiration whenever i'm up to writing. Thank you once again.