June 21, 2012


                       I remember the day i get sick from a cold winter night. My cousin J took care of me while I was in the bed for almost like forever. Kidding aside, of course my mom even my aunts took care of me knowing it was eleven of them are siblings. My cousin J while taking care of me, I was introduced by her with a cup of hot tea. Eversince I've tasted it, it gives me a sense of comfort and remembering that cousin of mine who took care of me those days that I've been sick.

Enough with the introduction.. before, just like coffee. We drink tea as a hot beverage, it soothes, it relaxes us and of course making our cold and rainy nights so warm.
As with the tazo's short history I would like to share something with you.

Tazo Tea was founded in 1994 by Steve Smith (who retired from Tazo in 2006) along with his business partners Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher. Lee and Smith had co-founded the Stash Tea Company in 1972. Stash was sold in the fall of 1993 to Yamamotoyama, a Japanese tea company.
Smith used his corporate connections within the food services industry to convince many restaurants, food stores, and tea houses to carry the new Tazo Teas. Smith approached Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in 1998, seeking further investment partners. The company was purchased by Starbucks in 1999 for $8.1 million.
source: wikipedia

So that's how the TAZO and STARBUCKS partnership started.
Moving on forward to this article. I purchased this wholesome goodness innovative tea that TAZO has created
it's not just ordinary tea from the old times but here comes the new bottle from the TAZO family products.

( the bottle itself really talks with as well, how delicious and incredible the taste is..but wait here's more catchy thing you have to learn while drinking this BRAMBLEBERRY )

It"s like you've been tasting the tea from ancient times...a real good taste of marionberry and apple juices as shown in the label from the photo above. Infused with hibiscus and cinnamon that makes you ask for more.

The next time you'll visit the shop try to purchase some of their tea.
informations about the article just log on to this site for more updates:


June 19, 2012


It's been days since my last blog...

Being a nurse wasn't an easy job to do,
but beyond the HECTIC schedulessss???....still manage to have time for a new blog ideas.

My cousin E and me wen't to the mall yesterday,we pampered ourselves by doing shopping and stuff
of course girls don't need anything but to beautiful.

While walking in the mall,
I've finally found this pretty cute boutique and i wasn't wrong it's
the SNOE...yipee!!!
I finally found this store,moving on.
Entering this boutique of SNOE,staffs are so warm and welcoming you with the smile on their faces.

You don't even bother to read their products,
it's because the staff are always there beside you,
and they really know each product according to their uses, type of skin you have and even explains how to use their products.

( I got my first collection of SNOE hair and body glaze, that has acai berry and argan oil)

verdict: the scent is really interesting - the one I've purchased was their passion fruit parfait so refreshing and fruity smell.

(At the back of the product each ingredients comes along with detailed information and you'll never be in a lost with it , proudly made by PINOY!!!)

recommendation: I probably buy again this product. It's a non greasy, handy and of course affordable price. And surely with the scent of this you'll probably hooked up on it.
Of course by all means smart buying is the best policy.
Buy products with your own discretion.

For more information just click the link below:




June 16, 2012

Quezon Province


Here we come......another travel has come to an end, well I think that's the irony of it. Once you start travel days became so fast. But if you are waiting for it to come, it seems the day and night are so slow.

Well, well, well let's start with the travel etc. You wake up around 4 or 5 in the morning just before you see the sunrise. Then checking all the necessary things to be in hand...wait, are we still missing something??? nah!!! now, hop on the van let the ride begin. Honestly, this travel was so far on what i expected. And it's really really far. Eventhough its too far. I just make it into a positive thinking that no matter how long the road is we will still gonna be there just as expected.

And yep..there we've arrived. The scenery are sort of a breath taking pieces of nature...below are some of the pictures that I shot.

( Mountains are just so inviting...breath so deep, fresh air around and cool breeze that touches your skin  what a package for a nature lover like me.)

( Great view...waves are perfect to surf..yeah, as the day going down to afternoon. Waves are like huge that it's really perfect for surfing, of course to those who knew how to surf. But soon I'm planning to start to go school for surfing. )

( Look so haggard??? hehehe..just kidding...i love to travel a lot that's why long trip doesn't bother me at all, it's nice to post on a gloomy weather with a tree going home,and yep it's going to dark soon..had to head to hotel really soon..)

But of course the thrill doesn't end there yet....let's look at this next photo...

( Did you spot something??? yep, its so true....the roof hanging on our room was made on a door.... so new....so amazing!!!)

And yet our door was also somewhat similar on the roof,really funny when you come to think of it.wheeew!!!!.... A day and a night worth remembering during this travel.


June 13, 2012


Being a fan of coffee.....
nowadays, drinking coffee is what suites us all whether it is morning,afternoon
or even at night.

We all love coffee in such different ways...some find it to relax with a cup of it,
for some it's like a medicine that will rush up your blood to be awake.
wherever and whenever you need it.

Well coffee could be good and coffee could be really bad when you drink it without moderation.
I'm not gonna scare you or anything, but of course we just need and not just a WANT
to be in good health even when we we're drinking it

In science...a lot of growing research has resulted to like on this
article lead by Mr.Neil Osterweil
WebMD features, that compare to non-drinkers of coffee to the drinkers.

  • Less likely to have type 2 daibetes, Parkinson's disease and dementia
  • Fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problem and strokes
Drinkers of coffee where not asked to drink everyday or skip. They where asked, What's
they're drinking habbit.

But in the end eventhough we love to drink coffee, atleast we take it with moderation
a little health conscious would make us more energetic rather than to be addicted with it.
So drink coffee together with exercise and proper diet.

Your surely love the outcome.
So next time you come and enter to this....



Few years back


          For the past few days...i've been reminiscing the old pictures together with those that I have for a very long time. One of the travels that I miss is when I got a chance to be in hongkong...place where you could say that it has a breath taking views. Some of which are those below.. 


                   (This was captured along on my ferry boat ride going to the other side of Hongkong)

                     (Trick by the photo?? well,it's not new york downtown...it's along roadside of hongkong                
                        early afternoon)

                   Well, what can I say...it's up to you judge or better if you got a chance to be in hongkong 
                you'll probably would love it.  
               To enjoy those days you spent on it.And to give you more of the place...better yet visit this 
                 ------->    you go back home.

                       a side trip to an asian feel of the disney's wonder at hongkong. enjoy!!!^_^

My first post as a blogger

 Being a blogger.....

     I learned through a lot of bloggers nowadays....I find it interesting to finally be one of those whom i must say a real enthusiast of being out there and having voice to anything.

      Well, what can I say it has the pros and the cons, but in the end it's all worth it. It's not like your in a grade school, wherein a grammar teacher in english would make your essay corrected. Well, for me the thing that is important is that,you express and you know what is like being a true journalist eventhough your not.

       This must be a quite short first blog, but i hope in succeeding days i'll get used to it and share more stories that life has....

                                                                                                             Purple ^_^