June 13, 2012

Few years back


          For the past few days...i've been reminiscing the old pictures together with those that I have for a very long time. One of the travels that I miss is when I got a chance to be in hongkong...place where you could say that it has a breath taking views. Some of which are those below.. 


                   (This was captured along on my ferry boat ride going to the other side of Hongkong)

                     (Trick by the photo?? well,it's not new york downtown...it's along roadside of hongkong                
                        early afternoon)

                   Well, what can I say...it's up to you judge or better if you got a chance to be in hongkong 
                you'll probably would love it.  
               To enjoy those days you spent on it.And to give you more of the place...better yet visit this 
                 ------->    you go back home.

                       a side trip to an asian feel of the disney's wonder at hongkong. enjoy!!!^_^

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