June 13, 2012


Being a fan of coffee.....
nowadays, drinking coffee is what suites us all whether it is morning,afternoon
or even at night.

We all love coffee in such different ways...some find it to relax with a cup of it,
for some it's like a medicine that will rush up your blood to be awake.
wherever and whenever you need it.

Well coffee could be good and coffee could be really bad when you drink it without moderation.
I'm not gonna scare you or anything, but of course we just need and not just a WANT
to be in good health even when we we're drinking it

In science...a lot of growing research has resulted to like on this
article lead by Mr.Neil Osterweil
WebMD features, that compare to non-drinkers of coffee to the drinkers.

  • Less likely to have type 2 daibetes, Parkinson's disease and dementia
  • Fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problem and strokes
Drinkers of coffee where not asked to drink everyday or skip. They where asked, What's
they're drinking habbit.

But in the end eventhough we love to drink coffee, atleast we take it with moderation
a little health conscious would make us more energetic rather than to be addicted with it.
So drink coffee together with exercise and proper diet.

Your surely love the outcome.
So next time you come and enter to this....



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