June 19, 2012


It's been days since my last blog...

Being a nurse wasn't an easy job to do,
but beyond the HECTIC schedulessss???....still manage to have time for a new blog ideas.

My cousin E and me wen't to the mall yesterday,we pampered ourselves by doing shopping and stuff
of course girls don't need anything but to beautiful.

While walking in the mall,
I've finally found this pretty cute boutique and i wasn't wrong it's
the SNOE...yipee!!!
I finally found this store,moving on.
Entering this boutique of SNOE,staffs are so warm and welcoming you with the smile on their faces.

You don't even bother to read their products,
it's because the staff are always there beside you,
and they really know each product according to their uses, type of skin you have and even explains how to use their products.

( I got my first collection of SNOE hair and body glaze, that has acai berry and argan oil)

verdict: the scent is really interesting - the one I've purchased was their passion fruit parfait so refreshing and fruity smell.

(At the back of the product each ingredients comes along with detailed information and you'll never be in a lost with it , proudly made by PINOY!!!)

recommendation: I probably buy again this product. It's a non greasy, handy and of course affordable price. And surely with the scent of this you'll probably hooked up on it.
Of course by all means smart buying is the best policy.
Buy products with your own discretion.

For more information just click the link below:





  1. i want to have that.scent is more interesting wanna smell it na.where do u buy that po?

  2. hi chandra,welcome to my blog. Just click on their website: www.snoebeauty.com ^_^

  3. I'm new to your blog ms.purple, I got some of the products by snoe and it really satisfies my vanity,eventhough i'm a guy from a businessworld,the scents of snoe is really a 100% satisfaction.More snoe products to your post purple.don't know your real name sorry.hehe

  4. wow good to hear you love the snoe product as I love them too.yup i'll have more reviews coming from their products.stay tuned.^_^

  5. wow, been reading a lot of good raves for this. i might check it out soon.

    btw, i like that we both love purple! cheers to that! following you back. :P

    1. thanks for dropping by,yup you better grab one its really nice to use.the smell doesn't overwhelm you at all.and yes i'm a purple lover by heart.CHEERS!!!^_^