June 16, 2012

Quezon Province


Here we come......another travel has come to an end, well I think that's the irony of it. Once you start travel days became so fast. But if you are waiting for it to come, it seems the day and night are so slow.

Well, well, well let's start with the travel etc. You wake up around 4 or 5 in the morning just before you see the sunrise. Then checking all the necessary things to be in hand...wait, are we still missing something??? nah!!! now, hop on the van let the ride begin. Honestly, this travel was so far on what i expected. And it's really really far. Eventhough its too far. I just make it into a positive thinking that no matter how long the road is we will still gonna be there just as expected.

And yep..there we've arrived. The scenery are sort of a breath taking pieces of nature...below are some of the pictures that I shot.

( Mountains are just so inviting...breath so deep, fresh air around and cool breeze that touches your skin  what a package for a nature lover like me.)

( Great view...waves are perfect to surf..yeah, as the day going down to afternoon. Waves are like huge that it's really perfect for surfing, of course to those who knew how to surf. But soon I'm planning to start to go school for surfing. )

( Look so haggard??? hehehe..just kidding...i love to travel a lot that's why long trip doesn't bother me at all, it's nice to post on a gloomy weather with a tree going home,and yep it's going to dark soon..had to head to hotel really soon..)

But of course the thrill doesn't end there yet....let's look at this next photo...

( Did you spot something??? yep, its so true....the roof hanging on our room was made on a door.... so new....so amazing!!!)

And yet our door was also somewhat similar on the roof,really funny when you come to think of it.wheeew!!!!.... A day and a night worth remembering during this travel.




  2. thanks ms.diana for the compliments.hope to see you on my future blogs..^_^

  3. i have been here too may bayad nga lang yung surf board for rent.