December 5, 2012


Eyebags??? Puffy eyelids,that seems to have dark circles under your eyes??? forget it...
Introducing the Garnier Light brightening eye roll on.

It's not just your ordinary eye roll on but it helps lessens the darkened area with revolutionary technology that have been brought into it. Here's how...

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It doesn't harm the eyes because it was also said that it was dermatologically and opthalmologically tested. And with Caffeine as a main ingredient of this product it has been associated to pro-vitamin B5 that provides hydration. The good part of this product was it doesn't sting on the eyes, but instead it has a cooling effect right away after you apply it.

Though it's not an overnight product that when you woke up the next day its all there. Of course patience is a must to improved the eyes contour. It was said that the eyes became radiant just about 14 days for the time you have applied it. And by 28 days, dark area of the eyes are improved by 11 to 12 % respectively.

All I can say is that after 3 weeks of religious application of this on my eyes, I've witnessed some improvements already again based on my own experience my dear readers. Less puffy and I could say it really soothes my eye and tiredness disappear. I'm using it every night for best absorption and of course the eyes are not at work. So,there you go I hope you too would also have the same results when you grab one.

Bought on: Watson's SM Manila/ Price: P 299.75/ Where: At all SM dept. stores, all Watson's branches, Robinson's branches/ Mercury Drugstores

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