November 24, 2012


Snoe is a beauty brand that originate in the most beloved country of Philippines. A proudly Pinoy made products founded in the year 2010. The product mainly focuses on skin care product that would suit every skin. Jen and Gen are the founders of SNOE BEAUTY, and eventhough they are new in the beauty industry, they've already hit big malls of METRO MANILA and currently has 22 branches all in all and still continue growing.

A little history about SNOE. Hence, the SNOE comes from name NOE. Jen, the owner and CEO of Snoe Beauty was the only child. People who saw NOE for the first time will always say SHE'S AS FAIR AS SNOW, so that's were the SNOE came from.

I was very fortunate and lucky enough to be invited on their 3rd blogger's event that was held on the owner's home, and just like the first time I've encountered this product along their store in SM Valenzuela. I'm so very thankful to be a part of this event.

Take a look on it...this were some of the new swatches from SNOE line, pretty exciting eh???

With Jen introduces us, about new swatches to try for and she also very warmth of welcoming feedbacks from all of us on the said event. I must admit those different colors of their new line interest me a lot. I've tried several colors too.

one of the funniest and bubbliest staff of SNOE she's no other than CYRA!!! She's really a dedicated and informative staff that would really blow your mind to almost want to have everything on the shelves...haha!!!

I must admit the presentation of the SNOE product really is inviting. It was like you want to own a candy box and by just looking at it, the packaging and the labels of the products are pretty cool.

Jen giving us a brief but informative about the brand sustainability and their products information. From what they've started from the past, and what comes with the present and what to look out for in the future. SNOE was really into innovations for the mass market. It was a short but intimate and fun introduction, but more still to come. On the lather part of the event, it was spend getting to know each and everyone in the event,  chatting, taking pictures was the real big part of the event.

I've encountered some of beauty bloggers I've look up to and of course bloggers like me who were new in the beauty blog industry. And I could say they are all very nice.

Here with Bea, Liz of PROJECT VANITY and Me

 With Charlene of YELLOW YUM

With Shen of SHEN'S BEAUTY

With Martha of The Beauty Junkee

And with the lady behind the success of SNOE is Jen from the left and in the right side is Nina the lady who is behind the Peace,Love,Happiness and Cosmetics. 

And some of my fellow beauty bloggers from left Mitch, Rhea and Bea. Nice meeting you my dear new fellow beauty bloggers. Hope to see you all again very soon.

And of course, not to end this post without a picture with one of the nicest staff of SNOE Cyra. The very smart and informative that anyone that is with me could attest to that. Thank you so much Cyra for accommodating us on the event, I'm surely looking forward to see you again.

This is what I went home with some new and old products from SNOE. 

And a token from SNOE.


Can't wait to try and review them for you all. So excited.^_^

But for now, let's enjoy what SNOE could bring us in the moment and let's wait and be excited about what the SNOE could offer for the future ahead.

Curious about their current and upcoming products???Check out their Facebook on

ENJOY!!!! ^_^


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  13. Sis...dappletheworld here...nice blog you got going!...heard raves about SNOE..hope to try them out soon!

    1. yes it's indeed true! Snoe for only 2 yrs. in the business they've got lots and tons of products that you surely will fell inlove with sis! Go try.^_^