November 11, 2012


A review on the e.o.s that stands for Evolution Of Smooth. I find this product really interesting that when I came to discover it, nothing I could speak of but a big WOW!!! I thought this product is limited and on sale to United States only. But with much help for co-bloggers thank God I find it somewhere from the mall, because I really want to grab one, and for almost magazines internationally speaking I came to cross on this product used by not just commoners but also hollywood stars either men or women. And thats what keeps me excited about this product. Just by looking on it, not to mention its uniqueness among hundreds of lip balms across the stores nowadays.

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E.O.S lipbalm is 95% claimed to be organic and 100% natural. With antioxidant that is rich with vitamin E. Paraben and Petrolatum free with shea butter and jojoba oil. It sounds like a real total package with a good benefit to keep the lovely lips soft and smooth. It has a lot of fruit extracts. And it's not tested to animals and it's gluten free. Take note it's also certified organic by oregon tilth. So, as I speak for this product again it is indeed a total package.

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I've bought the summer fruit scent, the scent is quite interesting. It soothes and it energizes you all the way. I bought mine for P 250.00 estimated like $ 5.00 not to bad if it would make your lips happy. I find the container cute, and it feels like your holding an artificial egg from the easter. Kidding aside, but surely this incredible product will surely give your lips a dose of serious moisture. And I'm using this lip balm for a month now. And the result is good, I must admit I could score this as 10 out of 10. After I used this my lips became soft and supple, that my lips wherever I am is reaching out for it and for almost everyday it doesn't leave my purse to aid my lips whenever I need it the most. My dearest readers this product is not sticky or even heavy when you apply it, even the scent would probably disappear for like 10 seconds. About the container I must say it's really cute as I've said earlier but be aware that it could also catch with stains if you do not take care of it as designed. And this product is not intended for ladies but gentleman too without the worry and hassle  that it could be glossy and somebody would noticed it.

Verdict: For me I probably bought again another one when I'm finish with the current one, my lips love it and so do I. And thats it for now.

Enjoy!!! ^_^


  1. Thanks for the follow. :) I saw this on Multiply but didn't buy yet. I guess I will put this on my wishlist! Where did you get yours? Watsons?

    1. hello and welcome to my blog,i bought mine @ digital traincase along rockwell powerplant mall,makati. it's a really a "MUST" have item. tnx for dropping by on my blog, I appreciate it.^_^

  2. Cute container! I find it more appealing than any other lip balm

    I am also inviting you to join our giveaway!

    I hope to see you there!


  3. i like this purple blog
    nice review but unfortunally we don't have this product in italy
    following you hope you will follow back

  4. I'm a sucker for cute packagings! :"> Where did you buy it btw? :) Followed you sis, mind to follow back? :)

    1. hi and welcome to my blog, I bought it on Digital Traincase check out their fb account dear, they got a lot of branches for your easy access. Go and grab one,and buzz me up so you could tell me how the product works for you. Anyway followed you back.^_^

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  6. i love the packaging. cute yung lipbam

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    1. hi and welcome to my blog,yes you should go and try it.It's cool.^_^

  8. I think I need this baby. Nice review dear. Followed you already! :)

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  9. oohh I want to try this!

  10. I love eos balms they are one of the best!
    but my dog somehow finds them and chews on them -_- maybe because they smell good :)