November 24, 2012


CHA CHA TINT as described by many is one of a successful cheek and lip tint for ladies who hunts for new innovative product from BENEFIT COSMETICS. Tropical summery glow that enhances your inner beauty. And the main core of this product is described as mango - peach tint. That would really make your face like a natural summer look on a rainy season just like our country.

I find their product a bit expensive, but hey don't get me wrong it's all worth buying. Knowing you'll gonna have a natural looking glow. And besides it's just not your ordinary cheek and lip tint. It's also has this inside....take a look.

Voila!!!! yes, a little tips from the package on how to apply it correctly. Their very concerned also to some who has no idea at all and may I say as a beginner in beauty blogging doesn't really know a hundred percent how to make it perfectly applied on the face.

The bottle together with the brush looks very similar to a nail polish ones but the consistency of the tint itself is merely thinner than we think, and be extra careful putting on with this product because it would really make a stain on the surface of your skin if not properly used.

The tint as I've said earlier will really stain if not properly applied, it could be removed by make up removers and water with soap. And f.y.i it's also waterproof by nature. It doesn't requires re-applying, because it does stay for a long time during the day of course.

So, a few drops of this product would really give you definition that is really a feel of natural look. Again, a bit pricey but it's recommended for those who doesn't have time to do a routine makeup retouching.

Bought on: Free/ Price: 1,600/Where: Benefit Cosmetics @ Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangrila


Enjoy!!!! ^_^


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