October 23, 2012


Yesterday, I was with my co-workers from the hospital that i've work with before. It's indeed my special bonding with them to catch up with each other's life.hehehe...kidding aside we've went along Banawe,Quezon City to make the most of our time chit chat together with a cup of tea. Talking about the tea well, enough about the old saying that it always has to be hot. Yes, my dear readers your right. Maybe a lot of you knew about this place called.....


as the logo says: it's not your ordinary cup of tea, well its true. Taiwan is where the milk tea originate, taiwanese have proved to the world that their not just the makers of tea as their own but surely they make alternatives to enjoy drinking a tea.

Making through the market, Serenitea proved that a local brand can changed how the people knew about the tea,main ingredients that grew from the foreign concept.

They prove it right, a lot of variations were created with the simple "TEA" as we all knew, but somehow that doesn't end there. With a lot of flavor tea drinks to choose on is also you could mix up with something you could chew while enjoying a cup of tea, mixed with the tea are:

Yes my dear readers its not just pearls, if you are a really adventurous person looking for a thrill with your tea. Then you should not missed out serenitea as well. I've ordered their MALTY CHOCO w/ Pearls, I don't know that with my first sip it's gonna be sort of weird, I thought I've taste a seaweeds from a chocolate tea, but in the lather part of my tea I get used with the taste. That's why to enjoy your tea you should be able to realize first the base and top taste of what's on your tea,before you could recognize that it was really worth drinking just like what happen to me. the two of my friends they enjoy their tea a lot as well as mine, to the point I don't noticed that I was about to finish my drink already. 

Never regret even your a single?? but why??? just like the photo above, even though you don't have your special someone on your side with you, but with your family and friends around you,you're already a 100% complete together with a cup of milk tea it feels like you're warm and secured with it, the same way I've feel while drinking this. So, if your a lonely kind of person. Don't isolate yourself it could be better to happy with yourself all the time and be energize with a cup of serenitea as well. :)

And as I end this post may I give you some luck ....


Don't forget to visit their nearest store and feel free to share with me your exciting stories while having your time with serenitea.



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